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How to create 3D game characters?

Quick Summary

3D characters have come a long way since the early days of 3D games. Classics like Quake and Tomb Raider paved the way for modern 3D characters in games.

New technologies are constantly being developed in order to reach the next big milestone in the evolution of video game graphics. of course, not all game characters need to be realistic. Most likely, there will always be a place for more stylized games, with cartoon, unrealistic, and goofy characters.

Why 3D Characters is precedence compare to 2D?

3D characters

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In Realism, 3D models make it possible to achieve any level of detail from simple sketchiness to photographic accuracy.

In Freedom of animation, 3D characters are easy to control since they are already modeled in three-dimensional space, and they do not need to be redrawn in different poses to display a new movement.

In Adjustment simplicity, The finished model is easily responsive to adjustments and additions thanks to the advanced features of modern software and is quickly updated if necessary.

In Visualization, A three-dimensional model of the character looks much more colorful, vibrant, catchy attracts people more and solid than a two-dimensional drawing, plus it can be viewed from different angles.

How to Draw 3D Characters

3D characters
  • 3D Character Modeling
  • 3D Character Texturing
  • 3D Character Rigging and Skinning

3D Characters Modeling

3D characters
  • The organic modeling of 3D characters is a challenging task when It comes to correctly model the anatomy of the human body.
  • An artist views the human body in the form of several parts which can be modeled using simple primitive objects.

3D Characters Texturing

3D characters

 The 3D model determines its quality, realism, and accuracy. A texture is a bitmap applied to the surface of an unpainted model to give it a color, volume, or illusion of relief.

There are the main types of texturing – relief mapping and MIP mapping. Relief mapping is a 3D graphics technology that allows creating the surface of an object in a rich and realistic design. It has its varieties: bump mapping, normal mapping, and parallax occlusion mapping.

3D Characters Rigging and Skinning

Rigging is where you put joints in the character and make controls that the animator uses to animate the character.

Skinning is where geometry is bound to joints so that the geometry of the character moves when you move the joints.

2021 Best 3D Characters Design Software




Fusion 360

  • ZBrush is a digital sculpting tool that combines 3D/2.5D modeling, texturing, and painting. It uses a proprietary "pixel" technology that stores lighting, color, material, orientation, and depth information for the points making up all objects on the screen.
  • AutoCAD is a commercial computer-aided design and drafting software. Developed and marketed by Autodesk, AutoCAD was first released in December 1982 as a desktop app running on microcomputers with internal graphics controllers
  • CATIA is a multi-platform software suite for computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing, computer-aided engineering, PLM, and 3D, developed by the French company Dassault Systems.
  • The main differences between Fusion 360 and AutoCAD are: Fusion 360 has an emphasis on free form models, whereas AutoCAD focuses on geometry-driven models. ... Fusion 360 is a pure 3D tool, whereas AutoCAD has 2D drafting functionality alongside the 3D model capability.


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  • The more enthusiasm and inspiration invested in the characters, the higher the likelihood that they will become iconic in the history of game development.
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