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How to Make a GPS Tracking System for Vehicle and Fleet Tracking


Wherewith do you make a custom GPS tracking software particular to your requirements and in what circumstances this would be a more reliable option?

If you are operating a fleet, a logistics, and a transportation service, you require a GPS tracker to observe your vehicles and organize efficient routes.


  1. For those who usually travel alone and have to pass through isolated roads, the GPS car tracker ensures that someone will always know where they are; their family members or employers will know where they are and send help.
  2. If your vehicle is precious and stands in danger of being robbed then you need a car GPS tracker.
  3. Even with vehicle insurance, you might not be covered for theft and kidnapping. GPS car tracking is a much better solution, and it is cheaper as well. 
  4. Cars with GPS trackers including having a centralized locking system that helps secure all functions of the car by central control.


You need some component to build a GPS, the component is asunder:
  • Flash Memory Shield
  • GPS Shield
  • Lithium Battery Supported Processor Board 
  • Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery

Custom Software for vehicle tracking:

  • Although custom software building seems like significant business progress, that plays a notable role in obtaining accurate market insights about particular milestones.
  • The main aim is to develop software that maps vehicle performance at each assigned area. 
  • Graphically represent it on a dashboard, providing users accurate statuses on their fleets. 
  • Moreover, route optimization can be used to address fleet management hurdles and calculate times to schedule shipments and provide optimal directions. 
  • As an outcome, that increases efficiency, reduces charges, and clarifies tricky processes.

Fleet Tracking

  • GPS fleet tracking uses satellite and cellular technology to provide fleet managers to find vehicles and different assets in real-time. 
  • Advanced fleet tracking systems go away points on a map to provide real visibility and actionable insights within a wide variety of areas concerning driver behavior and managing vehicles, tools, and additional assets.
  • Fleet tracking tools can transform a business, grouping millions of available data points into easy-to-digest insights.


Fleet tracking solutions need a small telematics device to be installed. There is a broad range of various device models that give various functionality.

The 3 most popular devices are:

Guided to install devices:

These tools are oftentimes preferred when the information being collected is needed for compliance or crucial to business workflow. Hardwired devices also become greater connectivity to external devices and sensors.

Individual install devices:

These are plugin tools that are easy to install and more comfortable to move between vehicles over your fleet. 

Choose these devices when the data they are collecting isn’t required for compliance and when they have a vast vehicle turnover or numerous rental vehicles.

Phone-based tracking:

These solutions use apps that convert your phone into a tracking device

These solutions offer limited sensor and transport connectivity, and they are regularly favored when the central business focus is unless to manage workflow like as job dispatch or when the business requires following operator positions away from the vehicle.

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How to Make a GPS Tracking System for Vehicle and Fleet Tracking 
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